SQL Server的Replication中的Article必須要有Primary Key

這個是朋友請我查的資料, 其實邏輯上還蠻容易的, 因為 SQL Server的Transactional Replication是參考table的primary key來進行新增刪除修改的, 若是該table沒有primary key的話, 是沒有辦法加入到publication的article裡的.




Limitations on Publishing Objects

  • The maximum number of articles and columns that can be published differs by publication type. For more information, see the “Replication Objects” section of Maximum Capacity Specifications for SQL Server 2005.
  • Stored procedures, views, triggers, and user-defined functions that are defined as WITH ENCRYPTION cannot be published as part of SQL Server replication.
  • XML schema collections can be replicated but changes are not replicated after the initial snapshot.
  • Tables published for transactional replication must have a primary key. If a table is in a transactional replication publication, you cannot disable any indexes that are associated with primary key columns. These indexes are required by replication. To disable an index, you must first drop the table from the publication.
  • Bound defaults created with sp_bindefault (Transact-SQL) are not replicated (bound defaults are deprecated in favor of defaults created with the DEFAULT keyword of ALTER TABLE or CREATE TABLE).





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